What is the TennisBums.com Dude?  
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Understanding the TennisBums.com Dude
TennisBums.com came into being when a couple avid tennis players put their heads together to come up with a way that they might one day be able to play tennis all day and never go to work again.

The embodiment of the tennisbums dude®  
The Dude is the one on the court when day to day responsibilities yell
"I just don't have time"

Two Pro's one Dude
The two wannabe bums had differing professions that lent well to the effort. The first wannabe bum owned a tennis pro shop and the other an Internet eCommerce consulting firm. They met somewhere in the course of doing what they loved, playing tennis.

So Who's the Dude?
Many people ask, "What is the Dude's real name?". In basic terms, the Dude is not a person. The Dude is the the dream. The Dude is you. The Dude is me. The Dude that person you know that's on the tennis court even when that voice inside most of us yells "I just don't have time". The Dude is a person that desires nothing more than to get court time and live the sport.


Oh Yeah!
I should mention, TennisBums.com is based in California right near Dana Point and Salt Creek Beach. The dude concept was adapted from surfer jargon where "Dude" is a commonly used descriptive term to identify a fellow surfer. Reasons for using "Dude" may include the following:

Jealousy: Your fellow surfer has caught a most excellent wave and you wish you were there instead of him/her. (Relative to tennis: Something like watching pro tennis and you see a setup/shot you could have executed at the club yourself !)

Poor Memory: Often "Dude" is used when you have forgotten you surfing buddy's name or some fellow surfer you see at the break often. It goes something like this "Hey Dude". (Relative to tennis: This is the same as going to the same tennis club for a million years and seeing the same people all the time and still not knowing who these people are or their names even though you've played with them at least once or twice! It goes like this "Oh hi, ummmm...."